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7 thoughts on “The “art” of compromise: Is there room for compromise in designing data graphics?

  1. Thanks for bringing this up. I work in a corporation, so I often face this dilemma.

    If a client asks me to compromise, I wonder: what is the impact of the change? What if the small bars are a little longer than the data suggest, as long as the main message is still clear and plain to see? Is this a fight worth picking? I have decided it is better to save my ammunition for bigger fights than little compromises that do no harm. I want to be a partner, an enabler of my colleagues, not a self-absorbed perfectionist designing for designers.

    I dislike making such compromises, but they don’t affect my self-esteem. I see them as a way to remain relevant. The world of business is fast-paced and trying to get and keep everything perfect could slow down processes to a halt. Quality takes time and often the compromise is in accepting that things aren’t as good as they could be, but good enough. There are opportunities where uncompromising perfection will add value. Let’s be ready for these and move on quickly from the little energy-sucking fights that are not worth it.

    • Francis, I live in the same world as you. Appreciate your point about saving your energy for the larger battles. I think you’ve nailed the tension that many of us feel about how much energy this takes. It certainly has worn me down over the years–even more so as I’ve insisted that my design team to adhere to those standards. For me, that has come at a price. I’m spent. I like to think that I’ve made a difference , but it comes with a price.

  2. Great insight into the issues surrounding and results of ethical decisions in data vis! We’ve struggled with similar clients and issues at Visually and come to the same conclusions. In some cases we’ve dropped clients all-together when they continued to ask for fudging.

    The book binding metaphor is a great one. I’d like to propose another. Architects deal with similar education issues. Their clients don’t know a lot about designing buildings, and sometimes they ask for features that will result in a poor (sometimes even dangerous) structure. It’s the architect’s job to help their clients learn why those things are bad ideas, and keep them from being built. This education step is key in data visualization as well. As the experts on the topic, it’s our job to help our clients understand the issues involved.

    • Thanks Drew. I’m a big fan of Visual.ly… putting your money where your mouth is (in your case, choosing to not work with clients); in my case (pushing back on internal and external ones) certainly makes our job harder–it’s a selfless task with a scant praise. I think big players such as Visual.ly are critical for setting a good example with clients–makes life easier for the rest of us (eventually)! And I like to think that the good architects are the ones with the vision to overcome obstacles and not be stymied by them. I’m not in that category, but I aspire to be.

  3. The greatest hit to the field would be toleration of deception. Perhaps at one point we’ll have some council that gives you a mark of approval you can put on your graphics – “The data graphics are representatively accurate.” Though it would likely delve into no less grey standards than film rating systems.

    Proportional accuracy is a good fight. Still, no less important I think is more rigor in the field to understand visual engagement. More often, we get the request, “Can’t you make this more sexy, pop, boom, splash, wow, etc…?” There is a place for emotional drawing in and a place for analytical focus, but often they’re mixed with confusion that leads our field into silly debates over “chart junk” compromise.

    Great observations. Keep up the good fight.

    • Thanks James. I hear you on the confusion between emotion and analytical focus. When I get that, my favorite line is “what problem are you trying to solve by asking me to do that?” Of course, sometimes the client doesn’t like to confront their own answer–those are not the good days. But nothing better than bringing the client along and leaving them in a better place then where you found them (or they found you), right? Cheers,

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