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15 thoughts on “DC Metro Closures June 2016 – May 2017 Infographic

  1. I don’t live in DC, but I ride much older subways (New York, Philadelphia and even London). The Metro isn’t antiquated compared to any of these others. If it seems to have problems, it isn’t due age. BThe other older subways always have occaisional closures for repairs, but they arrange for work arounds so that people can reach their destinations. Maintenance is a fact of life; if the closures are bad now, perhaps they are due to delayed repairs
    G, but they aren’t due to age.

    • You are quite right Corinne. Unfortunately, delayed repairs and poor stewardship of this subway system (including the way that it is maintained, how personnel are managed, and the overall culture) is largely responsible for the current state of the system, at least according to news reports and the anecdotal evidence of those of us who live here. Fortunately, I don’t use it much, as I bike!

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