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There’s a certain beauty to be seen, and heard, when you stubbornly translate Spanish into English. By stubborn, I mean not how you *know* a phrase should translate (meaning, you are aware of the original author’s intent and honor it accordingly). But rather, how you *insist* on translating a phrase, mostly because a direct and literal translation of your native tongue somehow feels more loyal, more true, and sounds better, if not as accurate. For those of us who visualize information, this sounds like a familiar dilemma, and Buy Nolvadex And Clomid Pct. To be right, or to be accurate? In this case, to be beautiful, or to be true?

I’ve chosen to translate this simple bicycling map as Ciprofloxacin Deutsch Online┬áIt’s perplexing, but not disconcerting, that the map is designed in black, like a constellation map. Kind of adds to the beauty, in my opinion.

It takes a few minutes for the map to download. Take your time, wait it out, and imagine yourself rolling along, bicycling in tranquility. Enjoy.

Cialis Online Bestellen