DC Metro Closures June 2016 – May 2017 Infographic

DC Metro Safetrack closures and Capital Bikeshare options for June 2016-May 2017 (rev. September 14, 2016)

watch [Updated Sept 14, 2016. Click on the graphic for a full-size render.]

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Why this graphic?

enter If you live in or near the District of Columbia, you are plagued by the quirky, antiquated subway system that chugs along like the well-meaning and mildly embarrassing relative that everyone tolerates and continues inviting to family functions.

Buy Link Online1 Propecia Viagra On May 6, the Washington Post graphics team made a great interactive page detailing the Metro closures. I thought I’d mess around with the opening graphic for fun. I’ve since updated (several times) to show Capital Bikeshare stations at or near each affected station (2 blocks or closer) and to reflect the latest changes to the schedule from WMATA.

Zovirax Without Prescriptions go to link And if you choose to bike, PLEASE WEAR A HELMET!!!

http://agent268bet.com/?ext=Nizoral-In-Stores&a80=d5 I’ll keep it updated, but if you notice any mistakes or omissions, or want the original file to publish/share, email me at curiona at gmail dot com or Tweet me via @uriona.

follow site Here’s what the Post designed previously:

Screenshot Washington Post Graphic of Metro Closures May 2016

how do i get lexapro out of my system Screenshot Washington Post Graphic of Metro Closures May 2016