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Remember Ventolin Inhaler Order Online, the four-minute snippet of the Buy Canadian Generic Viagra Online documentary? If only all data visualizations could convey the energy of this passionate four-minute narration, we wouldn’t be be writing cheeky/snarky commentaries on Lisinopril Viagra Online–we’d all be learning Where Buy Accutane Online or something, I guess.

Perusing the interwebs in search of entertainment, accuracy and clarity, and lamenting the fact that my toddler has encroached upon my ability to watch uninterrupted fĂștbol, I came across a nice example of tree mapping–clear and to the point. More importantly, it shows where the Premier League spent its precious pounds on transfer players in 2011. Wondering if we’ll see more transfer scandals like Astrazeneca Crestor Discount Card, but that’s a different blog, I suppose.

If you’re interested in tree maps, read the Buy Dapoxetine Priligy by Juice Analytics. Yes, it was written waaaay back in 2009 but still holds true, IMHO.

Priligy Buy Online Australia