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4 thoughts on “Infographics: Does time equal quality?

  1. Well thought out and explained piece Carla. Agreed, as Alberto says it should be that “time and staffing (more people, more time) equals great work” but it isn’t so in the real world. Here at New Scientist (thanks for the mention and pleased that you like what we are doing), there are two graphics staff in the team including me – so not a big staff! and certainly not well resourced, considering it is a weekly magazine and a daily website, we do much of the research (along with the editors and experts) as well as reading the scientific papers. As you say “how do you design what you don’t understand”, totally correct. Once a gain thanks for the blog – very interesting…

    • Thanks Nigel. I’m in the same boat as you. I notice how much our work improves (usually me and one designer, and a data researcher or journalist) when we’re all working together. And when I work with journalists on a news story (ours is daily and weekly news), some of our best work is done when we have a small, collaborative team and short deadlines. It helps everyone focus. Months-long projects can suffer from diverted attention spans if not managed well.

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